Nice to meet you!

My name is Jane Bradshaw and I’m a globally minded fashion multi-hyphenate native to Toronto, Canada. As a national-level-volleyball-athlete-turned-model, I have grown up in this industry with the ambition to become a fashion journalist. I spent a year and a half as an editor at Dress to Kill Magazine before venturing out as a freelancer, but I have also leant my talents to the Toronto and New York-based 360 PR agency Chimera Collective as a digital content producer.

I am in my fourth year of university, majoring in Psychology with a Media Studies certificate. I spent my semester abroad at the liberal arts college, University College Maastricht where I immersed myself in the Dutch and European culture and travelled to over 14 countries. I even attended Paris Fashion Week (FW19). I am currently the Editor in Chief of MUSE Magazine at Queen’s and split my time between Toronto, Montreal and Kingston.

I plan to move to London, England as soon as I possibly can, thanks to my Dad (who was born and raised in Buckinghamshire) who bestowed upon me a love and affinity for the country from a young age.


I have career aspirations to work in the fashion industry, with interests in communications and strategy.  

if you would like a copy of my resume, please contact me.