Best of Met Gala "Camp"

In Canada, camp is defined as a hobby. You grew up going to camp, or a glorified form of daycare that was filled with actives pertaining to the camp’s niche. I went to art camp, fashion design camp, and soccer camp, to name a few. I spent nine summers in Algonquin Provincial Park attending an all-girls overnight camp, which cost the same as a semester of university but entailed four weeks of wearing uniforms, portaging canoes, and learning how to make fire on a small island with minimal electricity and no plumbing. Now, I go camping, voluntarily taking myself out of city life and escaping to the woods for a few nights to “be one with nature.” An annual weekend of getting dirty and sleeping-on-the-ground invoked back pain does keep one humble.

The definition of the concept was a point of contention at last night’s Met Gala, obvious from a muddle of red carpet looks that the theme was lost in translation. My background has positioned me to have a unique view on the word “camp”. For me, it means to strip back to your truest, rawest form and run with it. Exaggerate it. Camp is about having fun, expressing yourself, and being unashamed of your inner kook. It’s marrying the tacky with the mainstream. Singing those crazy camp tunes at the top of your lungs and somehow still being “cool” because you’re, well, at camp.

Some celebrities really nailed it, adorning maximalist prints, slogans, over-accessorizing. Others really missed the mark. (Shawn Mendes, love you buddy, but wearing a black tux with white piping doesn’t really do anything. I’ve seen you wear a bandana on Instagram, for goodness sakes. I expected better.)

Alas, we’re not here to bash those who may have misunderstood what Andrew Bolton (and AW) were going for. Here are all my favourite looks from the night that were consistent with my interpretation of the theme.

Images from Getty Images