Lettuce Tacos

Low carb, easy to make AND they taste good? Here is an easy how-to for your new favourite weeknight staple. 

What You'll Need

- Lettuce Leafs (Collards or Boston Lettuce work best)

- Broccoli Slaw

- Roasted Sliced Bell Peppers

- Matchstick Carrots

- Salsa

- Sliced Avocado

- Shredded Baked Chicken Breast





- Separate the leaves you are using as the shell. Make sure they are wide and flat. 

- Place desired toppings in the leaf

- Eat like a fajita or taco.


The point of this recipe is to be super customizable. Take your inspiration from your regular taco, and eat it "Animal Style" (As In-And-Out would call it). It's an easy way to incorporate more vegetables into your routine.