Spotted: The Best Places in Toronto to take Photos

During my 3 years of modelling, I was fortunate enough to become very well acquainted with my hometown. I've ran around to every corner of this city for castings, jobs, fittings - you name it! Everything that wasn't covered while working, I have explored by foot. I love going for long walks and exploring the different neighbourhoods that this diverse city has to offer. 

Pink Wall - found at Yonge St. & Birch Ave

Pink Wall - found at Yonge St. & Birch Ave

Recently, I've become more infatuated with landscapes and architecture (as evident from my Instagram), and so whenever I see a place that catches my eye, I need to stop and take a photo. Here are some of the best spots I've found this month:

Grass Wall

 LCBO - Summerhill Location

Street Art Stamp

Ramsden Park, across from Rosedale Subway St. 

Cute White House

James Perse Store, Yorkville

Purple/Pink House w Garden

Jeanne Lottie Store, Yorkville

Pencil Decor

Anthropologie, Yorkdale

Nature Shots & Cherry Blossoms

High Park

Blue Spiral Stairs 

Aga Khan Museum

Coolest Hair Salon 

Untitled by Flaunt Boutique, Queen East

**Note that I couldn't get a great photo of the inside because the store was closed and the lighting was weird at that time of night, but I promise you IT'S AMAZING***


Outdoor Patio

Boxcar Social, All Locations

6 Eye Wall 

Pearson Airport

Afternoon Tea

Kitten & the Bear, Queen West

As my explorations continue, I'll post more hidden spots on here and my Instagram page. If you have any suggestiosn on places I should go, send me a message on here!