Summer Beauty Essentials

It's officially summer. In Toronto, this means that the humidity rises, patios fill and people flock downtown to soak in the sun by the Lakeshore. The change in weather also indicates the time to change up your beauty routine. The humidity makes it almost impossible to maintain a nice hairstyle or matte skin without multiple touch-ups throughout the day. My skin goes from dry to oily, which means all my winter products aren't helping. The sunny skies also encourage me to break out of my neutral looks and try to be more bright to fit in with the season. These are a few of my favourite beauty products for the summer.


I've been stalking this tool at Sephora for months, and I finally bit the bullet and purchased it. I do not regret that decision. This brush is AMAZING. It is super gentle on your skin but gets deep into the pores to clean out any makeup, dry skin or dirt that is sitting on your skin. I have noticed that my skin looks brighter, clearer, and more even since starting to use it, and it noticeably softer. I no longer have dry patches around my nose (something I normally struggle with) and it actually feels clean when I use it. I've tested it out with multiple cleansers (oil, foam, gel and creams) all with different purposes (acne, moisturizing, oil combatting etc), and I have found that it really enhances the product. My Luna came with 2 sets of sample day and night cleansers, as well as a cleaning spray for the brush. I chose the Luna Mini because it is easy to carry around when travelling and it suits my skin needs. This was worth the investment. 


I've been a loyal Consonant customer for quite some time. I love their all natural foaming face wash so much. It doesn't have a fragrance or artificial ingredients, so I know that it won't cause breakouts (surprise! your cleanser might be causing skin problems rather than fixing them). When you pump it into your hand, it feels like you are holding a cloud, and when applied, feels so luxurious and dreamy. I love that it is light and gentle on the face, so I don't have to really scrub it off with a towel after rinsing. It's also super effective. It's one of the only cleansers that can take of waterproof makeup and doesn't irritate my skin doing so. I swear by this one. 


All of my friends know how obsessed I am with masks, especially sheet masks. I love them so much, I wear them on planes (seriously). I love the Dr.Jart+ brand, because the sheet masks actually fit my face properly, so I actually get the benefits of the mask, rather than having random gaping areas. The Dr. Jart+ masks typically come as a 2 piece set: one for the top half of your face, down to the nose, and the other for your chin and lip area. This makes it easier to apply, since the nose hole always messes things up, and it allows more flexibility when stretching it on. I love the jelly feeling of this particular mask, and it is really effective in moisturizing the skin. It doesn't leave a sticky residue like some of the other sheet masks I have tried, and you can leave it on for up to 40 mins. Perfect for when you're binge watching Netflix and don't want to sacrifice your beauty. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 3.42.27 PM.png



I don't wear foundation often, but when I do, I trust Clinique. It stays on during the summer, even when you sweat buckets, and is consistent in colour. The best part is that it blends really really well, so you don't need to apply it to your entire face if you don't want to. I'm not sure if that is considered a beauty faux-pas, but I sometimes use foundation as a really strong concealer, only covering areas that need the help (e.g. hormonal acne around my mouth during my time of the month). I find that it mattifies the area and provides strong coverage without looking fake. I wear mine in Vanilla. 



Sometimes, you need to treat yourself. My choice? Night-a-Mins. This $43 pot of magic is one of the nicest things I've applied to my face. I was first introduced to it as a sample from the Sephora VIB program (it was one of the 100 point choices) and I became obsessed. It renews skin overnight, with a formula full of rich vitamins and minerals. It will reduce puffiness, redness and dullness overnight. If I know I'm not going to get enough sleep, or need to wake up earlier than normal, I'll slather my face with this cream before I go to bed. In the morning, you look fresh. If only I had the money to use it daily. 



I have this daydream about having a signature scent. I think it started when I visited a perfumery in the south of France during my gap year. On the tour, I learned about the significance of perfume in society, and how the most elegant ladies had a signature scent. Apparently, you can tell a lot about a person from their scent, so I've been very careful investing in a perfume. Each perfume will react differently to every person - this means that your scent is unique, even if you buy the best-selling product. The perfume has layers to it, so you really can't decide based on the scent in the bottle, or the first spray on the skin. You have to wear it for a day. And then a week (it changes with your PH). And then a month, because it will change for females as we progress through our monthly cycle. Finding a perfume is a science. Since I'm only 19, I wanted to find one for my university years that was sweet, fun and a little girly. I wanted to find something that I felt could exude me during this age of my life. Commodity has really clean and simple scents, and I fell in love with their line. I settled on Mimosa because it was light and airy, but lasted the day. It has citrus notes in it (Mandarin, Grapefruit, Blood Orange) and is sweetened by Jasmine. It felt right for the summer. I purchased the travel spray size as a tester, but now I'm on my third month of wearing it and feel confident with the commitment. 

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