I am a fashion fanatic, matcha lover, spin enthusiast and a stage mom for my golden retriever, Beau. I am a dual-citizen of the UK and Canada (thanks, Dad), but I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I grew up playing competitive sports, ultimately falling in love with volleyball and competing at a national level. I started modelling at age 15, and took a gap year after graduating high school to move to Milan, Italy. I am now a psychology & media studies student at Queen's University in my third year.



I attended North Toronto C.I. for grades 9-12. While I was there, I was an active member of the student-run newspaper, Graffiti. I joined the editorial board, first as a staff writer (2011-12), then as an advisor (2012-13), then as the Arts & Cultures editor (2013-14), and finally as the Editor-in-Chief (2014-15). In 2015, I received a Toronto Star Student Journalism Award for Feature Writing (Long) for my article on student use of fake IDs.

During my time at NT, I was also a participant in the Global Ideas Institute and was a part of the Charity Week Committee, the Charity Fashion Show, and the Athletics Association. I also played competitive volleyball on club teams and was selected as one of the athletes for the Volleyball Canada Centre for Excellence. 


I had the opportunity to take a defer my studies to spend a year working and travelling. During my gap year, I moved to Milan, Italy, and worked with brands such as Vogue Italia, BluGirl, Vivetta, and Moschino. I also enjoyed a couple of months living in Washington D.C. with family friends. I also spent time working at a high end consignment shop in Toronto and as a counsellor and kayaking instructor at an all-girls overnight camp in Algonquin Park. This was the camp I attended for 8 years in my childhood.


My ambition and community involvement has continued with me into university. In my freshman year, I joined MUSE Magazine as their frosh rep and, within a month, was promoted to be a Marketing Coordinator. I also was on the Events Team for Vogue Charity Fashion Show and ran the social media accounts for Spoon University - Queen's Chapter.

The summer after first year, I was the Digital Marketing Intern for a local tea and wellness company called Sahara & Co, where I gained experience in business operations, as well as ran the social media accounts and created all marketing material for the company. Through this job, I also attended trade shows in both Toronto and Las Vegas.


In my second year, I maintained my active presence on campus, running the social media for both Spoon University - Queen's Chapter and the Get Your 150 Initiative, contributing to MUSE Magazine as a member of the Creative Team, and working at the Athletics and Recreation Centre. I also founded and was the Co-Chair of Queen's Fashion Industry Network, a community aimed at helping students learn skills and develop networks within the global fashion industry. The organization grew into a twenty-five person executive team and an 80+ membership group of current students and alumni alike. 


I am working for Dress to Kill Magazine as an Assistant Editor, and a contributor to the consulting & content creation company, Su La Po. 

At school, I am the Online Director for MUSE Magazine, responsible for all of the digital content published by the magazine. I am also a part of the Project Red Charity Fashion Show as the Creative Director. Additionally, I am attending University College Maastricht in the Netherlands through the bilateral international exchange program.

looking ahead

Professional: I have career aspirations to work in the fashion industry, with interests in content creation, media relations, brand strategy and fashion buying. 

Personal: Since I was a little girl, I have strongly identified with my British heritage. From the first time we went to visit family in England, I knew I wanted to move to London when I was older. When I moved to Milan, my obsession with the UK broadened to encompass Europe as a whole, as I became infatuated with the milder temperatures, rich cultural history and fresh cuisine. I love Canada, but my dream is to live and work in London, and now perhaps mainland Europe, for a period of time. 

if you would like a copy of my resume, please contact me.

My very first runway show walking for Altuzarra.

My very first runway show walking for Altuzarra.

Headshot for Project Red Charity Fashion Show

Headshot for Project Red Charity Fashion Show